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Our Story

Sallaku Olive Oil

How it Started

Olives have been in our family for generations. My grandfather produced oil for the family, surrounding neighbours and friends. My ancestors worked very hard to nurture the land and the olive trees before it was taken during the communist years; after communism collapsed it was a very special moment for our family, we then got our land back and the olive grove, so we started to produce our oil again.


Sallaku Farm

Now we own the land, it gives us the freedom to harvest and produce our own natural olive oil. I believe in the olives being harvested naturally to enjoy the real flavour and goodness. Sallaku Oil, from my hometown of Rade Durrës in Albania, brings that special taste with a healthy and natural flavour and goodness.

With over 40 years of experience participating in the home press olive oil process, I’ve witnessed and learnt the ancient secrets of my ancestors.

My true passion in life is food and my ultimate dream is to share the joy and rich, earthy flavours of natural Albanian olive oil with everybody.

Rozetta Sallaku

Why Choose Sallaku Olive Oil?

We pride ourselves in the quality and goodness of our olive oil and we are proud that our olive oil is award winning. We focus on delivering the best quality product every year and nurture the land all year to ensure that the olive trees maintain all the goodness, and all the health benefits that the olive oil delivers.

  • Free from pesticides
  • Preservative free
  • Grown with natural fertiliser and hand-picked to retain all its unique natural flavour.
  • Born from 40 years of rich heritage in olive farming
  • Certified by the Organisation of National Association of Olive Oil in Italy

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How Our Olive Oil is Made


Grown on our Farm in Albania

In the heart of Albania, at Sallaku farm, we're all about growing olives. Our olive groves stretch across the sunny fields, where we tend to these trees using methods passed down through the years. With the perfect Mediterranean climate and rich soil, our olives grow full of flavor. At Sallaku Farm, our olives are grown with natural fertiliser to ensure they are the best quality and so that they don't contain harmful chemicals.

As the olives reach their peak ripeness, our skilled harvesters carefully hand-pick the olives to ensure that they retain all their unique natural flavour. This meticulous hand-picking process not only respects the trees but also allows us to maintain the superior standard that defines Sallaku Olive Oil.



Pressed in the Mill

As the sun-kissed olives from Sallaku farm arrive at our local mill, they undergo a meticulous cold-pressing process. This gentle method ensures that every drop of oil retains its natural goodness and richness. Within the rustic walls of our community's mill, the olives are carefully cold-pressed, a technique that preserves their exquisite flavors and nutrients. A process which has been cherished for generations, embodies our commitment to quality, allowing us to capture the pure essence of our land in each bottle of Sallaku Olive Oil.



Bottled & Packaged

Once the oil has been made, it's carefully bottled and packaged to reflect the luxury it embodies. Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to excellence, marrying tradition with sophistication. We ensure that we not only preserve the oil's freshness but also reflect the essence of our land. Every step, from bottling to packaging, is handled with precision, guaranteeing that each bottle is exceptional and provides you a luxurious experience from start to finish.

We take immense pride in bringing you a taste that's steeped in tradition yet resonates with the essence of today. In every bottle of Sallaku Olive Oil, you'll taste not just the richness of our land but also the dedication of generations. Our journey, woven into each drop, speaks of resilience, heritage, and an unyielding passion for authenticity. Join us in savoring this legacy—one that reflects the resilience of our past and the promise of a flavourful, wholesome future.


A Bottle of Luxury

I grew up in the area where olive pressing was our way of life. I began picking olives as a child with my grandfather and my father explaining the process to me. l loved the whole experience and the taste that was so incredible. When I grew up I realised the potential of our fantastic product. I wanted to share the importance of a high-quality olive oil that is rich in health benefits and share the ancient secret that a good quality olive oil carries.

As a child, I drank it every morning as part of my daily routine (my grandfather called it the morning injection as it's the best thing for your heart, stomach, digestion and your whole body). As a kid we played around a lot and got loads of cuts and bruises and olive oil was the healing and soothing medicine that always helped to heal the wound quickly.

Our product is an honest product and good quality. I've been involved right from the start, the harvest, the press, the bottling, the quality checks, the labelling, and the sales and marketing. Every detail of our product has been hand crafted, Our product is authentic, it's limited, it's niche with a personal investment.

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