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Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grown in Albania

All of our olives are grown in our family farm in Rade Durrës

Grown in the heart of Rage Durrës, Albania

Hand-picked, Cold-pressed Superior Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We take immense pride in bringing you a taste that's steeped in tradition yet resonates with the essence of today. Our commitment to natural harvests and preserving the true flavours of the olive ensures that every sip, drizzle, or dip of Sallaku Olive Oil is an ode to the remarkable journey that brought it to your table.

Perfect Pairing with a Variety of Dishes

Our oil has a leafy green and fruity flavour, a hint of herbs, grassiness, artichoke, apple and almond - a beautiful taste and fragrance that makes our oil rich, smooth and delicious to be enjoyed by olive oil lovers. Along with all the health benefits of olive oil, our oil makes dishes tasty and aromatic.

It goes well with an elegant salad, starter dips or any dish of your choice to bring that Mediterranean feel to your table.

Award Winning

We are proud to announce that we have won the London International Olive Oil Competition and the Quality Food Bronze award.

Grown in Organic Fertiliser

We can promise that our olive oil is grown organically in our organic fertiliser at our farm in Albania.

Authentic & Pure Quality

Unlike most olive oil companies, our olive oil is made with pure quality olives and ingredients to ensure it is filled with goodness.

40 Years Of Heritage

With over 40 years of experience participating in the home press olive oil process, we have perfected our recipe and grow our olives at our family farm.

Health Benefits

Due to the organic way we make our olive oil, it is rich in goodness and there are numerous health benefits that other brands can't offer.

Family farm in Albania

40 Years of Experience in Olive Farming

We focus on delivering the best quality product every year and nurture the land all year to ensure that the olive trees maintain all the goodness, and all the health benefits that the olive oil delivers.

Premium Product

It’s great to see how much passion and dedication goes into this amazing product.

Francesco DeBenedetto
Head Chef Claude Bois At Bibendum Michelin star restaurant

Outstanding extra virgin olive oil, delicious and tasty, I have tried it on top of bread, pasta, salad, it really makes the difference. It arrived promptly and very well packaged. I will definitely buy it again. Thank you so much.

Etsy review

I was looking for a high quality olive oil. I knew I need to pay more for one that I could use for a variety of things - in bread, crostini, on salads and in a homemade hummus. This is just so good and have no hesitation in recommending - gorgeous packaging also.

Etsy Review

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